Players Support Local Lives and Landscapes

Players Support Local Lives and Landscapes

Postcode Local Trust has had a fantastically green 2016, donating an amazing £3.6 million to local charities and grass route organisations across the country. With thanks to the Players of People’s Postcode Lottery 338 projects have been supported this year alone.


This year Postcode Local Trust successfully provided support to community based environmental projects which had a great impact on wildlife, biodiversity and green habitats. The New Year will see even more environmental groups benefit from funding, thanks to our players support. The prime focus for 2017 is to support wildlife areas, sustainability initiatives, local indoor and outdoor spaces and citizenship programmes. Please refer to 'Applying for a Grant' for further details on the 2017 programme.

There were many incredible organisations supported this year including St Vincent’s Hospital, in Renfrewshire, who received £3,613 for their project. This project focused on enhancing biodiversity within the community garden.


40 volunteers were directly involved with the project. Over the year 200 visitors, including patients and their families, have been able to experience the improved biodiversity of the garden and the true peace and tranquillity it brings. Children enjoy the pond area, dragonflies, newts and frogs. Birdfeeders placed within sight of patients rooms allow a welcoming connection with the outside world. As explained by one individual “It’s lovely going round the garden, I even came up last Saturday with an ice-cream. My husband and I sat for half an hour”.

Good Companions Bolton, a disability group, also received funding this year to support members within the community to enhance horticultural and life skills. They were awarded £20,000 to deliver a project which allowed children from local schools and the community to gain knowledge on the importance of growing food locally.

Rebecca Whitley, Trust's Manager at People's Postcode Lottery, recently visited the project and outlined how this unique project "helps people with learning or physical disabilities participate in a community allotment scheme. The members of the group gain skills and confidence and form lasting friendships through a variety of tasks and activities, especially those who have been unable to benefit from other volunteer training or employability schemes. The group’s unique animal husbandry techniques – training therapy geese – offers them a fantastic way of interacting with the wider community in Bolton".

CLEAR Buckhaven delivered their project 'Burgeoning Buckhaven' as they received £15,310 through players support. This allowed them to plant 125 fruit trees, 750 native saplings and 35,000 spring bulbs. With help from the wider community they were able to carry out extensive planting in new and existing green spaces.


Dr Allen Armstrong, Secretary at CLEAR Buckhaven outlined the impact this had for two individuals involved in the project. For the two recipients, they had both left school without qualifications and were unable to find employment or pursue studies. However, the project funded through Postcode Local Trust allowed each of them to take part in volunteering oppertunities 3-4 days a week. As outlined by Dr Armstrong “This work can be quite physically demanding at times and sometimes involves working outdoors in poorer weather. They have been a key part of a mixed team of volunteers – some joining once a week, others taking part more frequently. They enjoy the range of tasks involved, the camaraderie and also the variety of the work”.

Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust used their award to develop their project Dragonscapes Flintshire. Supported with £8,454, players funding enabled them to produce records on reptiles within North East Wales. Through community engagement, training workshops enhanced individuals surveying and monitoring skills which allowed recipients to manage reptiles within landscapes.They successfully reconnected wildlife and people through training and volunteering. This is specifically outlined by one volunteer who took part in the project:


"One volunteer came to the very first reptile course and volunteers on various occasions. This volunteer has an innate passion for the natural world and wishes to enter conservation as a career. Through the process of this project their knowledge and confidence has grown and has been a key volunteer helping with Amphibian and Reptile surveys to habitat management. Through this project the volunteer has gained experience which will aid them to secure employment in the future and an advocate for amphibian and reptile conservation”

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