How to Apply

How to Apply

Applicants should use the online application form to apply for funding. This form will appear on this website during the Stage 1 dates advertised. We do not accept applications through email or post.

Funding Guide 2019

Stage 1

Stage 1 is a very short Expression of Interest (EOI) which requires only some basic details about your organisation, as well as a very short summary of the project you are proposing.

Successful applicants will receive an email with more details on how to complete Stage 2 by no later than 25th March. Unsuccessful applicants will also recieve a notification email and are welcome to apply for a different project in the year's second funding round. Please note that these decisions are final.

Stage 2

The second stage requires applicants to provide more detail on both their organisation and the project, including: 

  • A full project description, outlining the plan, chief activities and how this relates to the themes of the trust
  • Projected short-term outcomes and long-term impacts of the project
  • The need for the project
  • Estimated numbers of beneficiaries that are realistic
  • A full breakdown of the total project costs, proposed spend of our grant and other funding towards the project
  • Supporting documents: including your organisation's constitution, article or memorandum of understanding - as well as annual accounts and quotes for single items costing over £1,000
  • Details of two contactable referees for your organisation

Example Stage 2 Questions

We will aim to let all applicants know the outcome of their application within two months. Please note that owing to the volume of applications, and because all decisions are approved at a Trustee meeting, we cannot do so any sooner.

Following this, applicants must then return a funding agreement and their organisation's bank statement before payment will be made. 

Upon completion of the project, all grant-holders must then complete an evaluation form, this is available to download in the 'Grant Holders' section of this website.